The most unpredictable shocks of life

  • Accident
  • Loss of life
  • Loss of property
  • Hospitalization
  • Burglary
  • Medical emergency

Protection from aside is pre-requisite for a smoother life cycle

Life is nothing short of an adventure ride with its own peaks and dips. There are many perils and shocks which have the potential to take us towards instability. Getting insured is a sure shot bet towards a stable life. Adequate insurance cover ensures you of financial stability in your life, making you more composed. The shocks cannot be predicted, not the harm from them can be minimized, but having an adequate insurance cover make sure you remain in the same position financially, without getting affected by mishaps and perils.

Insurance serves as a parachute when the airplane of life moves towards a deadly crash and it gives a cushion to cover the pain and injury, making you more prepared for the uncertainty haunting normal lifestyle.

Know your need and have an appropriate insurance plan

Having a traditional insurance plan at the start of your career may not be enough as you progress in life. Often people treat insurance as a secondary goal and forget after having a small insurance policy, without reviewing it with the rising lifestyle and increasing perils in life. People get an insurance cover just for the sake of formality without thinking about its need in their life. This half-hearted approach often leads to inadequate insurance cover to finance the untimely financial requirements due to the unpredictable shocks which life gives from time to time. In order to benefit from insurance, it is essential to review it from time to time and change it to have adequate life cover to protect you and your family.

Premiums should always be paid for protection and not for wealth creation

Practice what is right and never try to come in the lure of mixing investment with insurance. The schemes that assure you of a life cover and also provide a maturity value on the end of the term are nothing but a bait to lure unsuspecting individuals towards a path of uncertainty and zero gains. The concept of insurance just focuses on providing safety and indemnity and tax saving, investment or regular savings plan is never on the insurance landscape in principal. Insurance and investments are poles apart in principles, still such plans are prevalent in the market, which are nothing but a marketing gimmick to lure investors. These plans come with huge costs and great drawbacks, which offer below average insurance cover and bad performing investments.

Cover adequately, and review your need from time to time