We are Passionate

At Gravity Financial Solutions, we are passionate to serve our clients with great conviction of giving the best financial advice, which can add up value to life. Finances may not be everything, but they surely can change the game of life, if used wisely. This is what we educate people about and we are on a mission to provide insightful financial planning to help individuals achieve their financial goals.

We are Trustworthy

Gravity Financial Solutions is your trusted aide, who can provide you the best advice in monetary matters so that your money works for you. We at Gravity Financial Solutions put in years of experience and devise a plan, as per your personal needs to make sure your goals are addressed in a planned manner.

We are Transparent

Gravity Financial Solutions through portfolio management software helps you to outline your investments 24*7, which assists you to track your progress vis-a-vis your financial goals.







Puneet Gakhreja

Founder / Sales Lead

Neelima Gakhreja

OPerations / Sales Support



"Money does not only provides a source for spending, it is a security and a contingency plan, which can help you sail turbulent sea of life, and we can help you guide by showing you the right way."

− Gravity Financial Solutions

"I have been associated with Gravity Financial Solutions for nearly 1 year. I have invested in the financial sector in the past, but the advice and insights which I got from Puneet has so far appeared the best for me. He taught me the art of long term investment. I know it is a bit early to claim that I earned great rewards. But there is surely a positive aura in gravity, which I know will surely reward me in the long run. The professional approach, quick response and knowledgeable advice made me confident about Gravity Financial Solutions."

− Amit Derasaria

"I have known Mr. Puneet from the days when he was associated with UTI MF in Udaipur. He used to tell me a lot about financial markets, investments and the need of financial planning in life, but I would often disregard his advice. When he started his own venture, Gravity Financial Solutions, our professional association started. At first, I was skeptical to invest in such a volatile market, but he educated me about the market cycles, long-term investing, value investing and other concepts, which reinstated my faith in him and his methods of investing. Today, a major part of savings are with Gravity."

− Niraj Pradhan

Warren Buffett

I will tell you how to become wealthy. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

Robert Kiyosaki

It is not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.

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